Adapting to Change · Zoom-In
Grade 2-4 | 5-6

Partner Problem

Duration: 2 minutes

Daniel and Lucas had decided to work together on a school project, but Daniel changed partners leaving Lucas by himself. Lucas feels a lot of emotions, but it turns out that his choices will have a positive result.



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Follow up activities

Group activity

15 min
Grades 2-4 | 5-6

Each discussion activity contains questions that target specific CASEL competencies and situations relating to the video.

Student Assignment

5 min
Grades 2-4 | 5-6

moozoom quizzes are compiled of several true/false and multiple choice questions aimed to reassert information discussed in the video.

5 min
Grades 5-6

The journal activity allows students to apply what they have learned from the video lesson using moozoom’s chatbot conversation tool.

Downloadable ressources
Cheat sheet

Each moozoom video comes with a cheat sheet that contains helpful information about what is discussed in that specific video.

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Planning tool

The planning guide helps set a weekly pace for teachers and their students, including activity time and dates.

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Letter to parents

The letter to parents is a document that keeps parents updated about the moozoom lessons their child will be completing that week.

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Targeted competencies
Responsible Decision-Making

Responsible decision-making skills help us make thoughtful, caring, and constructive decisions about personal behavior and social interactions in different situations.

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