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Student well-being and multi-tier support for behavior

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Daily wellness check-in

Get an instant overview of students' social, emotional, and behavioral risk with moozoom's daily wellness check-in.

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Utilization & Risk Assessment

Get an instant overview of your school climate, utilization and student progression.

Integration Partners

Integration Partners

moozoom is integrated with top single sign-on solutions such as Clever and Google Classroom.

Student Privacy Pledge

Committed to protect student privacy

moozoom is thrilled to declare its official commitment as a signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge.

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Cultivating student wellness through research-based observational learning

Your schools need resources they can trust. This is why all of moozoom movie-based modeling content is based on the latest K-12 learning standards and anchored in evidence-based practices and research in the fields of social emotional learning, pedagogy and observational learning.

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Academic performance almost always increases.

Students who have learned and incorporated social emotional learning skills showed achievement gains of 11 percentile points on average.

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The application of the Social Learning Theory to reduce bullying.

According to social cognitive theory, children would rather engage in behaviors that they believe will be rewarded rather then punished.

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Improving student behavior with movie-based modeling

Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory advocates for movie-based modeling as the optimal method to fast-track systemic SEL implementation and enhance student behavior.

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We support ASCA Student Standards

The American School Counselor Association publishes its Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success. ASCA says these standards promote “the knowledge skills and attitudes students need to achieve academic success, college and career readiness and social-emotional development.

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The Path to Effective Social and Emotional Learning

A Case Study on the SEL Implementation keys of success by using the moozoom platform in Elementary Schools of the Centre de services scolaires de Saint-Hyacinthe

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Navigating away from controversy

Movie-based behavior modeling allows educators to stay away from controversial topics by selecting content that focus on universally relatable challenges.

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