Solve teachers Buy-In with Student-Led SEL

moozoom offers research-based SEL designed to reduce teacher workload, increase student engagement and provide admins with insightful data on usage and student skills assessments.

Why moozoom?

Get ready to experience the only student-led SEL program out there! With moozoom, teachers dont have to be SEL experts to deliver an exceptional class. Instead, moozoom empowers students to take the reins and steer their learning in the right direction.

Reduces Teachers workload

moozoom’s reduces teacher’s SEL workload by 75%.

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Reduces Student Conflict

moozoom reduces student conflict and improves school climate within 60 days of use.

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ELA standards

moozoom is suitable for PK to grade 6 and is fully aligned with CASEL and literacy standards, ensuring it meets the highest educational standards.

A tool for school and for home

moozoom provides ready to use ’Letter to Parents’ documents that takes family involvement to the next level.

Controversy free

moozoom is the only SEL platform with universal themes which means you and your teachers will never have to worry about getting into any problems with families.

Integration Partners

Integration Partners

moozoom is integrated with top single sign-on solutions such as Clever and Google Classroom.

District & School Dashboard

Unlike other SEL programs, moozoom comes with a built-in dashboard to give you an overview of your school climate, statistics on moozoom usage, student SEL skills acquisition, and assessments.

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