See how simple moozoom is

and easy to get started in your classroom today!

1. Signing On and Support

Single sign on is here! This means if you’re using Google Classroom or Clever, you can get online easily and quickly, importing your class rosters to moozoom. If you’re using email and password; that option is still available for use. Need live support? Use our chat function to speak with our world class support team. Watch the video here!

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2. Content Levels

Which level to choose? In order to offer the most tailored experience possible, moozoom offers three content levels. Our newest addition is Mini-Zoom, geared towards our youngest learners and we have Beginner and Advanced levels as well. Watch the video here!

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3. Adding, Editing & Deleting Students

Getting your class roster online has never been easier! If you’d like to add students, first, click on the group that you’ve created. Then go to ‘My students’ and click “Add a student’. You can delete and edit the students as well, easily from the same page. Watch the video here!

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4. Adding Groups

Adding groups is a cinch with our new and improved platform. With the single sign on option you can import your classes straight from Google Classroom or Clever. You can also manually add, edit and delete a group using the standard email login. Watch the video here!

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5. Sharing Groups

Do you have students shared between multiple educators, administrators, counselors or staff at your school? It’s easy to share group rosters with our ‘Share group’ function with anyone at your school. Watch the video here!

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6. The Toolbox

Want to decorate, moozoom style? In the toolbox section you’ll see plenty of printable visuals displaying some of our key concepts. All of these are available for you to have displayed in the classroom or on the screen to go over a range of topics. Watch the video here!

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