Resilience · Zoom-In
Grade 2-4 | 5-6

Last but not Least

Duration: 3 minutes

During PE, Naomi is chosen last when the teams are created. Madison can't believe that Noah did this to her... but she understands Naomi's reaction even less. She seems to take it so well!



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Follow up activities

Group activity

Discussion sheets
15 min
Grades 2-4 | 5-6

Each lesson has a discussion activity sheet that asks questions correlating to specific competencies and situations from the video.

Student Assignment

5 min
Grades 2-4 | 5-6

Quizzes are a combination of true/false and multiple-choice questions that reflect on information portrayed in the video.

5 min
Grades 5-6

The journal includes questions that students answer using personal reflection and information learned.

Downloadable ressources
Cheat sheet

All moozoom videos contain a cheat sheet that provides a quick summary of the important information discussed in the video.

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Planning tool

The planning guide helps set a weekly pace for teachers and their students, including activity time and dates.

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Letter to parents

The moozoom letter to parents is an editable document that includes the theme, lessons, and additional information that is useful for parents and students.

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Targeted competencies

Self-awareness is an individual's ability to understand their emotions, thoughts, actions, and values.

Social Awareness

Social awareness includes the ability to understand and empathize with others, including those with different backgrounds, cultures, and contexts.

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