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Unlimited videos and exercises
K-7 learning content

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Here’s how you can Fund your SEL initiatives!

The US government has allocated approximately $13.2 billion dollars for relief funding that could help support your student mental health and well-being initiatives. Read more by clicking below or contact us for a free funding consultation and to learn how moozoom is eligible for all funding types in this document.


Happy schools. Happy students.

Kelsey Geer

“Unlike other SEL tools, moozoom actually proved effective in reducing conflicts between my students and reducing my prep and conflict resolution time.”

Kelsey Geer

Fourth Grade Teacher
Amherst Pelham Elementary School

Lauren Reppucci

“moozoom solved the most critical challenge we faced when implementing an SEL program – the time it takes the teacher to prepare for it and implement it; it saved our teachers so much time by having everything ready in a deployable sequence”

Lauren Reppucci

Asst. Student Support Director
Learning First Charter Public School, MA

Sarah Messier

“The fact that there was no training that went into implementing moozoom in my classroom, even for the very first time, was great.”

Sarah Messier

Grade 3 Teacher
Learning First Charter Public School, MA

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat

“I appreciate how moozoom uses its intuitive, realistic modeling videos to facilitate student dialogue and reflection.”

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat

Spectrum School of Rockford

All you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for moozoom?

Anyone can sign up for moozoom, create a group of students and use moozoom for free for an unlimited time. There are no restrictions.

How do I create a group of students?

You will have created your first group of students when you signed up for moozoom. To create another group, click the **Create a group** button in the Group dropdown from the menu on the left. You must be logged in as a user to create a new group.

How do I subscribe to moozoom?

You can subscribe to moozoom in the Plan section of our website. In this section you can see the available plans and choose the best plan for you. Once you’ve chosen, click Subscribe and fill out the online form. Your subscription will be processed within 24 hours. You must create a free account before subscribing to a plan.

Will there be new themes every year?

Absolutely. Different themes and videos adapted to the social and emotional challenges children face in their everyday lives are added each year. We are also constantly developing new functions (digital and other) to accentuate the self-guided learning nature of our platform and to make teaching SEL easier for schools.

Who is moozoom's target audience?

moozoom has been designed to apply universally to elementary and middle school-aged children (6 to 13 years). The fictional scenarios (based on children’s every day lives) shown in our videos help children create links with the challenges they face, and integrate social and emotional learning at their own pace, based on their cognitive development. Starting to use moozoom in Grade 1 and using the same platform again and again over the years will help children with their social and emotional learning curve.