Not Receiving moozoom Emails

Follow these steps if you are not receiving moozoom’s emails

  • Make sure that the email address you are using for your moozoom account is the same as the inbox you would like to receive emails to.
  • Check your Spam.
    - If you are receiving moozoom emails to your spam, select all the moozoom emails and click Not spam.
  • Check all sections of your inbox. Sometimes moozoom emails may go to the Promotion section if you use Gmail.
  • If you still are unable to locate your moozoom emails, please get in touch with one of our support specialists in the lower right corner inside the web application or website, or you can write to us at

Limited Technology Access

Find some of moozoom’s recommendations if you do not have 1:1 computer access in your classroom.


How to Add a User

Learn how to add users who play a teacher role for your specific school site.