Your Students’ Wellness Check-In Just Got an Upgrade!

Your trusty Student Wellness Check-In feature has leveled up, and it's all about making your classrooms healthier! 🚀

Well, here's the scoop:

Feeling the Mood:

As you know, when your students log in to moozoom, they get the chance to share how they're feeling in that very moment but privately. Yep, it's a chance for them to express themselves in a safe place!

moozoom mood

What's new'? 🍳

But that's not all, teachers! They can now also share the details about what's going on that's got them feeling that way. 📣

moozoom sharing

Tips for Student well-being 🧡

Now, here's where the magic happens. Our mooZoom app, your school wellness partner, steps in. 📱✨ Depending on their choices, we share with them some crucial tips to help them tackle those emotions like a pro.

moozoom tips

You're always in the Know! 📊

And for all you fantastic educators out there, we've made it super easy to keep tabs on your students' wellness check-ins. Just head over to the mood board in the student profile page or your dashboard, and voilà! You've got the scoop on how they're doing emotionally. 📈


Ready to take this upgraded feature for a spin? Let's make your classroom a happier and healthier place! 💪

Stay awesome!

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