Teacher-led to Student-led SEL: Sunnybrook School District’s Success Story with moozoom

Amanda Alderfer

Student wellness has become very integral to our district’s success. With rising safety concerns and the pandemic’s devastating effects on children’s mental health, we realized it was crucial to find an impactful program that could be implemented easily and quickly. Our district was in search of such a program when we discovered moozoom at the ISTE conference in 2021. After using the program for 60 days, we saw positive outcomes immediately. 

One of the main challenges we were facing was the lack of student engagement. Traditional teacher-led lessons can be difficult for students to relate to. This could lead to disengagement and even mockery. moozoom addresses this issue by providing bite-size, “choose your own adventure,” real-life movies where students can observe other kids' behaviors and various options on how to react to everyday challenges.

Another challenge our teachers faced was the potential increase in their daily workload when implementing a new program. moozoom addresses this issue by being easy to use and requiring no training or preparation time. Teachers can just go in,assign videos, print out questions,and complete other follow up activities in a snap. This made it simple to work moozoom into our weekly routines right away. Our teachers reported that they felt confident enough to start allowing more time than they had before into taking care of their kiddo’s emotional and mental wellbeing due to moozoom’s ease of implementation

moozoom also includes a student skill assessment dashboard that allows us to track quick improvements in our school climate. Our staff noted a significant increase in student engagement, with 96% of teachers reporting an increase in engagement during lessons. Teachers have also reported being able to reduce their lesson planning by more than 75% and have seen a decrease in student conflict by 25%.

To sum up, the integration of moozoom in Sunnybrook School District 171 has greatly improved the fidelity of student wellness instruction in the district. The platform has reduced the stress associated with preparation, training, and expertise. As a result, teachers have been more than willing to incorporate student wellness into their lessons. 

Within 60 days, positive results have been observed and this program is worth considering for other schools and districts seeking to enhance their student’s wellbeing.

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