My moozoom Experience

Janise Cook

moozoom is an online experience that has allowed my  students to complete lessons geared towards specific emotions and student wellness . The different themes are helpful because there are many skills embedded in the videos that my students struggle with daily in the classroom. 

When my students initially log in to moozoom, they complete a daily wellness check in each day. The daily wellness check in is helpful for my students because it allows myself and other building administrators to understand how our students are feeling. This also provides helpful recommendations for the particular emotion for the students which they love. I teach fifth grade and my students are at an age where they are beginning to go through different changes relating to their emotions. moozoom is helping them learn techniques on how to deal with these emotions. 

With so many features on moozoom, my favorite feature is the movie-like lessons with interactive options for students to choose from. Although moozoom has so many features for students to interact with, the movie lessons seem to get the greatest response from my students. The movie lessons are awesome because they allow my students to see other students in real time, usually at school. With certain lessons, the narrator has a robotic-like voice which brings humor, interest, and open discussion to the lesson.

When my students are provided with two options relating to an emotional reaction, a choose your own adventure option, my students are given the opportunity to choose the response that relates most to them. Most students recognize that one of the options is not the best choice, but may be how they typically tend to respond in a similar situation. Allowing my students the chance to interact with the movie lesson, gives them the opportunity to understand the benefits of recognizing their own personal emotions.


With moozoom being implemented throughout the week, my students have something exciting to look forward to. Finding time during the day to fit moozoom in has produced great results. Students have become better at recognizing certain emotions, and how to correctly respond.

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