moozoom back to school 2023-24

We’ve got some very exciting updates coming up this month. The team has been working hard to get ready for your back to school year 2023! Our goal is to improve your moozoom experience and reduce your workload when it comes to SEL planning time especially across student dashboards, student groups, and content. Enjoy!

Update 1 - Student groups are archived

Why we do it: As the new school year is approaching soon, we understand that there might be changes in your classroom. Which is why we are archiving all of your old student groups. This will:

  • Save your time so you don’t have to manually delete each student and group.
  • Give you a fresh start to start your new class.

Here is how we make it easy for you to create your new student groups.

  • Create new groups by clicking on the 'Add Group' button.
  • You can easily search and add your existing students to the group.
  • To search for any existing student, start typing their first name.
  • If the student is already available in the group, you'd see an 'Added' tag next to them.
  • You can add new students as well to the group.
student groups

We’ll get back to you soon with more exciting updates. Stay tuned!
Team moozoom

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