Measure your students' wellness monthly in one click!

Amanda Alderfer

Hello Educators,
We are excited to announce the launch of a monthly survey to gather your invaluable insights on the effectiveness of moozoom in your classroom. The survey is designed to closely monitor the progression of your classroom climate, focusing on the enhancement of students' emotional management, conflict resolution skills, and their overall readiness to learn. As educators, your perspective is crucial in evaluating the transformative influence moozoom has on fostering a positive learning atmosphere. Your insight will also provide important viewpoints into the effectiveness of moozoom in the educational environment which is necessary for administrators.

To facilitate this, we kindly request your participation in a brief monthly survey accessible directly through the moozoom platform. Your contribution through this survey is critical. It serves as a direct line to capturing the nuanced dynamics of classroom interaction and the collective well-being of your students.

This data will not only illuminate the progress in classroom climate but also equip administrators with the necessary evidence to make informed decisions and tailor strategies that best support their teachers and students. The information gathered will also play a pivotal role in enabling us to tailor our services more effectively, ensuring that moozoom continues to meet the evolving needs of your educational setting.

The survey is designed to be concise, requiring only a few minutes of your time each month. To participate, simply click here and log in to access the survey.

Impact Analytics

Looking Ahead - Impact Dashboard:

We are in the process of developing an Impact Dashboard intended to offer you a comprehensive view of the progress made, enriching your understanding through detailed insights. Committing just a minute each month to complete the survey will empower you with a wealth of information, facilitating a deeper appreciation of the positive shifts occurring within your educational sphere.

Stay awesome,

Team moozoom

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