What are the key factors to successfully implementing moozoom in your school?

We have seen that social and emotional learning is most successfully implemented in schools when applied universally across the entire school and integrated systematically into the cultural, educational and family environments. Below are the conditions for which you should be striving to successfully implement SEL in your school.

Get school management involved and ask them to show leadership.

Ask a moozoom advisor to give you a demo.

Name one person who will oversee the implementation of moozoom in your school, ideally this will be a teacher or someone whose work is related to developing students’ social and emotional skills.

Lay down the foundations of an environment that prioritizes children’s well-being.

Schedule a school team meeting to create an implementation strategy and timeline.

Invite teachers to create an account. Make sure you share the subscription confirmation email you received when setting up the plan

Designate a staff member to lead the first moozoom class with the teacher who will be using the platform to show them how simple moozoom is to use and thereby help them feel confident in their ability to use the platform alone in the future.

Work with teachers to notify parents that the school will be using the moozoom platform (use the Letter to parents template in the My students tab) and encourage them to use the platform at home with their children.

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JP Turgeon

CEO & Founder