Exciting new features

We're back with a bang to jazz up your SEL adventure 🚀 We've been cooking up some seriously rad stuff, and trust us, it's going to be a wild ride. Buckle up for an adventure like no other! 🎉

Here's what's in store:

🌈 Funky New Themes on the Block!

Get ready to party with brand-new themes for this year – think Gossip, Social Media, and even the ever-elusive Anxiety! 🎭 These themes are all about diving into the stuff that gets your students buzzing. Check out the mind-blowing list of themes and lessons – you won't believe your eyes!

📹 Mini Zoom Madness

Get ready for a mini-revolution in your classes! It's as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Delve into emotions with our new 'Explore' videos. These lessons dive deep into individual emotions – start here for an emotional journey like no other.

Step 2: Play around with emotions through our engaging emotion games. Your students will become emotion experts in no time!

Step 3: Mini zoom lessons use movie modeling to help students connect with emotions on a whole new level. It's like bringing the big screen into your classroom!

Revamped Home Page

🏠 Revamped Home Page Vibes

  • Lesson Page just got a mega facelift to help you implement moozoom step-by-step in your class.
  • You'll find clear, step-by-step instructions for each activity in a lesson. Remember to assign the lesson to your student group so they can access the activities.
  • And guess what? You can now spot the CASEL competencies that match up with each lesson. Talk about leveling up!
  • You might've caught a sneak peek of our beta home page that made lessons super accessible. Well, the wait is over – everyone now gets to enjoy that sleek and efficient design.

🎮 Activities Supercharged: Quiz, Journal, and Jumble Steps

Get ready to be amazed – our activities just got a turbocharged upgrade!

  • Quizzes are now more interactive with multi-select question types.
  • Let your students unleash their inner designers by picking their own journal background themes 🎨
  • Jumble steps are now as easy as a click-and-play game, making learning a breeze! 💥

💥 Introducing the Cool Squad: New Features

Hold onto your hat – we're not stopping at themes! Get ready to meet the coolest squad in town:

  • A pacing guide to seamlessly integrate moozoom into your classroom!
  • Book references that recommend exciting read-alouds for you and your students – let the reading adventures begin!
  • Targeted skills breakdown, helping you understand the specific student skills each theme focuses on. 
  • Detailed theme descriptions to give you the inside scoop on what each theme is all about.

👋 Hola, Spanish Sensation!

Say hello to Spanish content coming this September! Yep, you read that right. Switch to Spanish mode and dive into a whole new world of moozoom magic. ¡Vamos!

Farewell to Pre- and Post-Surveys

In this academic year, we are parting ways with pre-survey and post-surveys for our students. While we acknowledge the benefits they provided in evaluating student progress, we are delighted to announce that we are currently developing pioneering features aimed at authentically gauging the influence of moozoom on your students' learning journey!

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