Dashboard Data Made Simple: Understand the New Changes!

We've revamped your dashboard for a cleaner, more user-friendly experience.

Don't panic if your numbers have shifted! Here's the lowdown on how we calculate utilization stats:

Teach mode

"Teach" Mode Matters

Only videos watched in "Teach" mode are counted in your stats. While you can use the preview mode to check out videos and activities before presenting them to your students, it's essential to utilize "Teach" mode. This ensures that your dashboard captures your utilization data accurately.

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Group activities and Submissions

Group Activities and Submissions

For group activities such as Movie Lessons, Discussion Sheets, and Roleplay, submissions match the number of students in the group.

Example: Teach a video to 10 students, and video submissions increase by 10.

Individual Activities and Submissions

Individual Activities and Submissions

Individual activities such as Quiz or My Journal always have a submission count of 1.

Example: If 1 student completes a quiz, quiz submissions increase by 1. If 6 students tackle the quiz, submissions go up by 6.

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