5 reasons for implementing moozoom

The number one trigger for helping students express their emotions

Everything on the platform is based on real issues so that students can create links with the challenges they face in their everyday lives.

An interactive platform promoting independent learning

Our interactive videos and activities help children develop social and emotional skills independently whether they’re at school or at home.

Social references adapted to your students’ everyday lives

With kids speaking to kids, the characters in our videos become a reference for students on how to manage their emotions and behave with others.

moozoom won’t increase your workload

You don’t need any training, to prepare material or to deal with the pressure of an inflexible program. moozoom fits in with your schedule, you only need to free up 30 minutes per week.

One solution for all

Adopt our one-stop social and emotional learning solution for your entire school and get all your students speaking the same language from Grade 1 and up.

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