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Bite-size SEL movie lessons that fit teachers’ daily routines.

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Grade 5-6
20 min

Same, but Different

Grade 2-4
20 min

1+1+1 = Fun!

Grade 2-4
20 min

The Tower of Pizza!

Grade 5-6
20 min
Healthy relationships

International Dirty Shirt Day

Grade 5-6
20 min
Using good judgment

Chocolate Zombies

7 min

A Compass to Share

Grade 5-6
20 min

A Big Misunderstanding

6 min

Morning Routine

“Choose your own adventure” lessons & follow up activities

How does it work?

Find 10 minutes with your students:

Whether after morning announcement or during daily routines, all it takes is 10 minutes.

Select & Play a bite-size movie lesson:

Pick a theme and watch one of moozoom’s “Choose your own Adventure” movies to experience the wow!

Complete a follow up activity:

User our discussion sheet, or assign to students one of our follow activities (Quiz, Journal and more).

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moozoom is proven effective both in scientific studies and real-world evaluation by teachers and students.

Being able to reduce their SEL lesson planning by more than 75%

An increase of more than 50% in student engagement during SEL lessons

A significant decrease in student conflict.

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